This time, it's personal.

So for my first blog post under the Aspect 11 banner I thought I should start by introducing myself. This is me - Dylan Lark

This Spring, myself and our small team are working hard to build new relationships in the Melbourne property scene. We’re a young and motivated group and we want our name out there amongst the architects, interior designers and property professionals of this city.

As a brief background on myself, I launched Aspect 11 after getting fed up working for a large photographic company, typical I know. The frustration that I felt however, did serve as a great inspiration for how not to do things when out on my own, maybe I should thank them ;)

What we do now is bring an open and collaborative environment to all of our photographic work. When shooting we try to engage as many people as possible in the image creation process, working through any issues or suggested ideas while seeing the photograph in real time on the large screen of an iPad.


As we’re working through the different marketing avenues, a thought is always close to my mind. It’s all well and good to promise the world with a glossy brochure or snazzy email, but the proof is in the pudding. Let’s shoot your next project so that I can show you our method. Let’s collaborate and make awesome images. Let’s be friends.

Hope to hear from you.


Dylan Lark