Aspect 11 is the brand behind Dylan Lark, and his answer to the tired state of real estate marketing for established properties in Australia. Editorial Real Estate Photography is probably the best way to describe WHAT he does. 

"I'm thinking about properties outside the tired old box that is the industry norm. It's NOT about making a space look as large as possible, or the colours in an image being overly vibrant. It's about constructing a narrative and capturing what is unique and distinctive about a home. The real estate game is shifting toward a lifestyle-oriented way of thinking and it’s time that this is reflected in visual marketing.


The concept is to take inspiration from the architecture/interior design industry and apply that to the real estate market - both in process and visual aesthetic.


Time is one of the most important factors. If you've had your property photographed for sale before you'll probably know that the photographer was in and out without a great deal of attention to detail, or perhaps with little consultation with you. I don't blame real estate photographers - it's what's expected and they have a lot of properties to pump out. But I'm looking to the residences that demand to have their character captured and represented in the market. Few things sadden me more than seeing homes of character advertised with bland, cliché-ridden imagery. And here I’m thinking not only of the higher end of the market – quite modest homes deserve to have their particular appeal enhanced and personalized.


I‘ve been working in the industry for several years, and I believe that change is long overdue in the way properties are photographed and represented in Melbourne's real estate market.  Now is the time to do something about it. Let's make great images!" - Dylan.