Aspect 11 is adding to the momentum of the growing Melbourne property scene. Architects, interior designers, developers and high end real estate clients allow their projects to be captured with the attention to detail that reflects what they’ve put in themselves.

It’s all about communication with us; verbal and visual. Our process scales from property marketing to brand identity, with client collaboration throughout the entirety of a project. We’ve fully embraced the benefits of working closely with those from other disciplines to create photographs that are emotive and timeless.


It's time to better convey the feel of a property through photographic material. We've already seen a movement in this direction from creative studios producing CGI for new developments, and it's about time the marketing for existing properties caught up.

There's no secret that this type of image is more appealing and holds the attention of viewers longer. We want to move away from the sterile, bland documentation of a space that is being used for marketing today, and move toward a type of photography that inspires viewers emotions.



If there is one ideal that we've embraced, it's that two heads are better than one. Our process is constructed upon the benefits of collaboration. At each job we highly recommend that clients attend, and work with the photographer in capturing a property. Images are transferred instantly to the large screen of an iPad for review, opening up a dialogue for possible improvements to each photograph.

Collaboration goes beyond client-photographer with Aspect 11. We've been working hard to build relationships with stylists working in the field. By calling upon this expertise when photographing a property, we are ensuring their vision is captured.



Aspect 11 has recently taken advantage of the Australian based online booking system Ubookr.  The system gives Aspect 11 customers direct access to a photographer's calendar and allows them to make bookings without the need to wait for confirmation.

Clients simply input their property address, select the product type and a time slot. The system syncs the photographers and clients calendars and notifications are sent to both parties upon booking.