FLYTE - Set the light bulb free.

You know those things that you see on Kickstarter and get super excited about but then they don't eventuate? Yep, well this wasn't one of them, but I still don't have one sitting on my desk dagnabbit :(


From the FLYTE website...

Set the light bulb free.

FLYTE is a levitating light which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. 

A mini art installation

Experience light to the next level. FLYTE requires no batteries and is powered through the air via induction.

The Art of Craft

Designed in Sweden, the FLYTE base is made of quarter-sawn oak, ash and walnut wood finishes. We want your FLYTE to look good, feel good and last a long time. We use energy efficient LEDs rated at about 50,000 hours. That's 12 hours a day for 11 years! 


Go and order yours like I should have done already.

FLYTE - Flyte