Christmas Decoration Salvation Inspiration

It's that time of year again where we fire up the barbie, drink the good stuff, litter your home with wrapping, and catch up with the family. 

In preparation for the big day, we want to share with you our favourite Christmas ideas to transform your house into a ho-ho-home.

Spell with Rosemary

You'll need some wire, rosemary, string and an excellent speller. Source

Outside Inside

Bring the outdoors inside for tasteful vibe that's sure to impress. Source

Garden clippings

Garden herbs and brown paper wrapping - need I say more? Source

Road trip

Christmas road trip! Grab a rug, pillows and picnic and find a view. Source

Fairy lights

In the trees, on the table, hanging overhead, in jars, inside... everywhere. Source

Fake Firepit

Is your Aussie Christmas too hot for a fire? Fake it with  fairy lights. Source

Rustic Desserts

Sloppy froster's, this is your time. Imperfect desserts are on trend this year. Recipe

Ginger Ginger Ginger

Gingerbread houses, ginger cookies, ginger beer, gingerbread men... Source

Spiced Roast Nuts

We all love to graze on Christmas. Go nuts with these nuts. View the recipe

A personal note...

Thank you to all our clients and friends for giving us the opportunity to shoot such wonderful properties. We absolutely love what we do and we look forward to 2017.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas.


As you may know, we have been taking advantage of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Houzz to promote our portfolio and services. 

We recently received an email from Houzz letting us know that we were handpicked to be featured in an editorial ideabook on the homepage of Houzz. This came only a week after joining the Houzz community! 

Then two days later we received another message from Houzz letting us know that we were again handpicked to be featured in another editorial on their homepage.

You can check out the editorials here:

Allow your properties to get noticed too with the precision and artistic direction of Aspect 11.


Uh... so... do you like... stuff?

Networking, cold calling, emailing - it all seems so in-genuine. How can we connect with people and move past all the awkward conversions and, well, ‘bee' friends?

Well, let me explain why we’re reaching out to break down some of those walls...

We love architecture and interior design. We built this company up because property photography is what we love doing. There’s no need for a work-life balance when we follow Architect’s on Instagram in our free time and pin photo’s in Pinterest to our House Porn. Business hours don’t exist here.

This Spring, we’ve been trying to expand our networks and take on a couple more clients. It’s actually a pretty exciting time as it’s allowed us to check out your websites and the projects you’ve been working on. We’re contacting you because you’ve got the goods.

But let’s call this a symbiotic relationship. You want to showcase your projects and we want to build our portfolio. We rely on our image style to be on trend, artistic and emotive. This mean’s that we’re going to take the time and precision to capture your property’s potential.

Like we’ve said many-a-time, the proof is in the pudding. Check out what we’re doing on HouzzLinkedInFacebookInstagram or our website.  

Come on, choo-choo-choose us.


I don't think anyone would disagree that a clear and succinct process is absolutely crucial in any industry that provides goods or services. Yes, every project, every client, every day is different. But having a solid foundation of operations from which to work allows you to layout your short and long term goals, and gives you the confidence to take on larger scale clients that may have seemed out of reach previously. Here's a peek into our process...



Let's meet. In person. I'm as guilty as anyone else when it comes to the fact that it's sooooo much easier to hide away behind the security of an impersonal email. It's definitely no secret that meeting someone face to face over a quick coffee is orders of magnitude more impactful than a few emails back and forth. With any potential new clients, I've made it a bit of a personal challenge to get in front of them, order the least pretentious coffee possible, and show them what I'm about - (flat white is a good starting point). It goes both ways too, only a couple of months ago I sat down with a new client and within about five minutes we'd each quietly realised that we weren't really suited to one another. Nothing harming, but it was a difference in approach that would have had never been expressed over email. 


Once things are rolling and we're at the point of booking a job, we'll send through a link to our online brief form. This is a crucial part in our process as it lays out a client's expectations, and provides something to reference throughout the entirety of a project. For our work, the brief doesn't need to be excessively detailed, we're just wanting a snapshot of what it is that you wish to get out of a project (photos hopefully). The form looks like this:

Property address if no other project name.
Briefly describe your project in one or two sentences.
Who will these images be viewed by?
Sharp, dynamic, soft, moody, etc.
Please enter any links to inspiration for this project or note past Aspect 11 work from collection.


As of early 2016, I've implemented a new way of booking jobs with Aspect 11, courtesy of the awesome Australian based company uBookr. The software allows clients to directly view a photographers calendar, select an available time along with the desired product/package, and have it instantly confirmed. This introduction to our workflow has completely negated the time going back and forth with emails checking available times, waiting to hear back, not being available, waiting again to hear back, etc. Setup is very easy and once we're underway with a new client, it's just a matter of sending an invitation to set up your account and going from there.

*For those who prefer Werther's Originals and the 4.30pm dinner special, we can still take bookings via email.


Sweet, so now the fun times start. If you've read anything about how we work before you'll know the one word that I'm sick of typing out - collaboration!

Collaboration, it's pretty much the best thing. Shoot me if you ever hear these words out of my mouth: "I know best and no one else matters." The benefits of working through problems with more than one point of view are undeniable, and I feel should be utilised whenever possible.

Being open to this idea is the most important aspect of collaboration, though for our specific situation there is something else that is pretty much indispensable - an iPad! For the last couple of years I've been shooting with a device called CamRanger, allowing for wireless transfer of images from the camera to the iPad, and even better than that - live view. 

What this translates to in our field is the ability to set up a composition and literally work within the frame to make any necessary adjustments. If you've ever worked closely in photographing an interior space, you'll know that how we experience it and how a camera sees it is rarely the same. Being able to fine tune furniture, decor or any other features of a property to suit the camera's perspective and in real time, within the image - it's a game changer.

I encourage any client to work closely with the photographer throughout the entirety of a shoot, viewing the live image, and advising any alterations they feel may make a stronger image. 

The images are of course then saved to the iPad, and at the end of a shoot it's always wise to review what has been shot to ensure everyone is confident before wrapping.



We know that as a client you don't love this part, 'Just give me my freakin' images already,' you'll say. That's fair enough, but hold up just a quick second. To ensure the final product will align with the brief, we'll send through a contact sheet and low res images for a selection to be made, along with any specific retouching required. We've taken advantage of DropBox and it's markup features to allow clients to highlight specific objects or areas within an image and make comments. These requests show up on our end and the final photographs are produced.


Once complete, final images are also sent via DropBox. These can be supplied at your requirements, however, our default workflow provides a high resolution and low resolution version of your photographs. If you missed something that you would like retouched, no stress, the markup feature still works so just point it out and it shall be done.

Invoicing is sent via uBookr, your invoice includes all property details as well as product and the date of shoot for your reference.

Hopefully this outline of our process has given you an insight into working with us, or better yet; inspired you to reevaluate your own work flow. For more information about Aspect 11, visit

FLYTE - Set the light bulb free.

You know those things that you see on Kickstarter and get super excited about but then they don't eventuate? Yep, well this wasn't one of them, but I still don't have one sitting on my desk dagnabbit :(


From the FLYTE website...

Set the light bulb free.

FLYTE is a levitating light which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. 

A mini art installation

Experience light to the next level. FLYTE requires no batteries and is powered through the air via induction.

The Art of Craft

Designed in Sweden, the FLYTE base is made of quarter-sawn oak, ash and walnut wood finishes. We want your FLYTE to look good, feel good and last a long time. We use energy efficient LEDs rated at about 50,000 hours. That's 12 hours a day for 11 years! 


Go and order yours like I should have done already.

FLYTE - Flyte

Law Street House - Muir Architects | Peter Bennetts

To put it simply this is one of my favourite Melbourne houses by one of my favourite Melbourne photographers. I came across these images by Peter Bennetts some years ago. It's sat in the back of my mind since, bubbling back to the surface every now and again, forcing me to dig through the back catalogue of his collection to re-look at them. I'm sure you'll agree with my fascination of this space.

From Muir Architects website:

Located in a tight single lane street in South Melbourne the original dilapidated one bedroom workman’s cottage built in the 1880s formed the initial brief for architect’s/owner builders Muir Mendes. To pursue the desire to construct using one’s own hands formed a very important part of the brief. While working full time in practice the new house was constructed on weekends. This formed the construction program and associated cash flow.
The 93m² site adjoined to the north and south neighbouring properties and contained by a rear property called for access to natural light and a view beyond. Flanked by a two storey modernist red brick façade and the ornamented timber cottage to the south, Law Street House became the fourth little pig. Constructed from plate steel the façade adopts a condition of blankness concealing the second storey within the adjusted roof pitch mimicking the form of the site’s former cottage. A ‘draw bridge’ to the front window provides privacy and curates light to the front bedroom providing a signal of occupation to the house beyond.
Upon entry the double height corridor directs the gaze through the full length skylight to capture a view of the existing palm tree. The inversion of the enclosed cottage corridor is adopted in order to maximise the penetration of natural light to the interior and provide an aspect ‘out’ of the tight site. Sky becomes an important distraction for the gaze. The white walls play host to the passage of light that dances across the interior as the day passes patterning the walls as it moves. A memory of the original lean-to roof lines ripple across the underside of Level 1 defining the ‘section’ of the house.

To see all of the photographs of Law Street House, visit:

Muir Architects - Law Street House

Peter Bennetts - Law Street House Melbourne

This time, it's personal.

So for my first blog post under the Aspect 11 banner I thought I should start by introducing myself. This is me - Dylan Lark

This Spring, myself and our small team are working hard to build new relationships in the Melbourne property scene. We’re a young and motivated group and we want our name out there amongst the architects, interior designers and property professionals of this city.

As a brief background on myself, I launched Aspect 11 after getting fed up working for a large photographic company, typical I know. The frustration that I felt however, did serve as a great inspiration for how not to do things when out on my own, maybe I should thank them ;)

What we do now is bring an open and collaborative environment to all of our photographic work. When shooting we try to engage as many people as possible in the image creation process, working through any issues or suggested ideas while seeing the photograph in real time on the large screen of an iPad.


As we’re working through the different marketing avenues, a thought is always close to my mind. It’s all well and good to promise the world with a glossy brochure or snazzy email, but the proof is in the pudding. Let’s shoot your next project so that I can show you our method. Let’s collaborate and make awesome images. Let’s be friends.

Hope to hear from you.


Dylan Lark